Helsinki in 2020 will be a city of powerful people, acts and encounters

Helsinki is one of Europe’s fastest growing and developing cities. It is an increasingly international place, where new districts are built right in the inner city. At the same time, the city has a new type of resource: an urban community life, which makes our city an even better place to live, to study, to visit and to be an entrepreneur.

The nearly yearlong Brand New Helsinki project was used to chart Helsinki’s strengths and weaknesses. The project put together a vision of what we want Helsinki to be known for in the future.

In terms of its quality of life, Helsinki is already one of the world’s best places to live. In terms of business and startups, our city is one of the world’s most innovative. We are a stimulating destination for tourists, offering them a combination of urban nature and unique urban culture.

An image of Helsinki is created wherever people experience the city. The most important content of Helsinki’s reputation and the main factor affecting the reputation are the people of Helsinki. The Helsinki metropolitan area is home to more than one million city ambassadors. Any one of us and we all together impact the reputation of Helsinki. The Helsinki lifestyle is an attitude, an emotional state and a way of living.

Helsinki refers to people whose ambition is to solve meaningful problems and to build the world’s most successful everyday life.




Helsinki City Board accelerated the ongoing brand building

At its first meeting of 2016, the Helsinki City Board received a report on ongoing brand building and gave suggestions for further development. Experts interviewed for the city brand concept and residents, students, tourists and entrepreneurs who participated in workshops and online discussions look forward to the Helsinki of the 2020s as a city in…

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Interviews throughout the city

The Helsinki story was tested around the city over a period of six weeks. Brand project employees and an eight-person international team of students met the young and the elderly, tourists and developers, and random passers-by. We gathered over 400 personal interviews. At the Kamppi and Itis shopping centres, many people stopped by to test…

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Makers of Helsinki

Online service to prevent moonlighting

“How can it be this difficult to pay wages?” This is a question that used to frustrate Janne Isosävi. He wanted to hire a part-time nanny for his children, but he could not get to grips with calculating statutory pension contributions, pay-as-you-earn income tax, social insurance contributions and unemployment insurance contributions. Even after spending a…

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Children can learn several foreign languages before they even start school

“What if languages could be studied by dancing, singing and having fun with friends? Without having to put in any effort? That is exactly how Linguajoy works”, says the founder of the language school, Henrietta Kvist. “In our school, children between the ages of two and nine learn new languages by playing, reciting rhymes, doing…

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