Money and love

The brand project began in June 2015 and will end in March 2016. It is a work in progress on a continuously open basis. You can follow Helsinki’s brand building in real time through our blog.


An extensive background study was performed during the summer on Helsinki’s current situation and international reputation. It involved an analysis of dozens of research reports, an interview with thirty opinion formers and a comparison with competitor cities.


The research phase continued in September with workshops aimed at a range of stakeholders. These involved a more detailed exploration of what differentiates Helsinki from other cities. The first proposals for the Helsinki story are taking shape.


Draft Helsinki stories will be submitted for the comments of locals between the end of October and early November. Comments can be presented online or at events arranged by the City. Further details will be presented in due course on the places where you can have your say.


By next spring, the brand building will result in a marketing plan laying down the direction we will take over the next five years. At best, this will provide practical ideas and tools which you can use to tell your own Helsinki story.


The City of Helsinki has set aside EUR 500,000 for the creation of its brand and development of marketing in 2014–2016. Creative ideas, bold choices and various partners form the focus of the brand concept at a time when increases in marketing resources are unlikely.


Text and picture: Riikka Lahdensuo