Jussi Pajunen at the Market Square

I was born in Helsinki. When I was a child I played with the local kids, often at sports. I’ve been running along the city shoreline for years. In my old age, I want to continue watching the city develop. For me Helsinki is home, a certain frame of mind.

Helsinki is a maritime, throbbing, cheerful place. The city is always at its best ‘right now’, in all situations and at all times of the year. It has its own charm. It is characterised by its maritime, not just in summer. The dark days of November provide the perfect backdrop for anything. It’s just a question of knowing how to see it.

The Helsinki of my dreams is not a city playing any particular role. The key things are being together and respecting others, the basis of Finnish egalitarianism.

Text: Riikka Lahdensuo
Picture: Tia Hallanoro