Helsinki is a treasure trove for career coaches

“The most rewarding aspect of my work is being able to help a young person – who may have viewed their situation as utterly hopeless – to move forward. The road ahead can be long and strewn with failure. But it’s important to stress that there is hope in pretty well every situation.”

So says Kim Lautamo, who works as a career coach for the Ohjaamo (One-Stop Guidance Centre) project, launched in Helsinki in August 2015. Ohjaamo is a low-threshold service point for 15–29-year-olds, offering personal advice and guidance on employment on a one-stop basis. Staff guide their young clients to where they can get help, whether they are seeking training, employment or to improve their social skills.

“We help our clients to find existing services, rather than creating new ones. The cornerstone of our activities is the one-stop shop principle: we move around, not our young clients.”


All youngsters are welcome

In December, a bright new facility was opened for the Helsinki Ohjaamo at Fredrikinkatu 48 in Kamppi. You can book an advance appointment with Ohjaamo – or just walk straight in off the street. No separate referral is needed, all young people are welcome.

“So far, young people tend to have found their way here based on word of mouth: when someone has found a job through the Ohjaamo, she has passed the word around. Although we have plenty of visitors each day, we’d be delighted to welcome more!”

Kim Lautamo describes Helsinki as a truly inspiring environment for professional career coaches.

“Helsinki is a real treasure trove: there are so many jobs close to each other. Of course, there are many existing jobs, but you can also use your imagination when searching for work. In Helsinki, you can earn your living in the most amazing ways! Of course, this involves challenges, but also huge opportunities.”


Ohjaamo an ideal model for wider application

Kim Lautamo hopes that the Ohjaamo, low-threshold concept catches on more widely throughout the city and society in the future.

“It would be wonderful if you could access services in one place in more and more venues and there was less red tape. It’s great that the City of Helsinki has invested so much in the Ohjaamo project.”

In addition to work, Kim enjoys his free time in Helsinki.

“There is a huge amount to do and lots of outdoor activities in Helsinki, in fact everything I need in my free time. Helsinki’s seaside location is particularly important to me: its beaches, harbours and islands are my favourite places.”


Text: Piia Raitavuo

Photo: Marko Kallionpää


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