Helsinki City Board accelerated the ongoing brand building

At its first meeting of 2016, the Helsinki City Board received a report on ongoing brand building and gave suggestions for further development.

Experts interviewed for the city brand concept and residents, students, tourists and entrepreneurs who participated in workshops and online discussions look forward to the Helsinki of the 2020s as a city in which they can contribute to solving major problems and building one of the most advanced forms of daily life in the world.

In line with the brand concept, Helsinki aims to become known for its quality of life, bold experiments in clean technology and digitalisation, and innovation. These will change the world and create prosperity. Helsinki enables a smooth and safe daily life based on the world-class, basic services. Residents themselves will have the time and energy to participate in and create a new urban culture.
In Helsinki, various opposites – such as the city and nature, the urban vibe and peace, and science and art – will combine to create a new wave of urban energy. The result will be an attractive, original urban culture and unique events.

The branding process began in June 2015 and the people of the city were invited to participate. Comments on the strengths, weaknesses and future of Helsinki have been contributed by city residents and visitors. Workshops have been organised and people have been consulted on Kamppi Square and on other occasions.

The marketing strategy will be completed during the spring, on the basis of the chosen brand concept. It will define what the City of Helsinki is seeking to achieve with its marketing, its core marketing messages and how marketing will be implemented over the next four years.

Thank you to all who contributed! Now our preparations will proceed from words to deeds – our collaboration will continue.