Competitors pull ahead. A few success stories

A competitive comparison gave us a glimpse of 16 cities with which Helsinki has much in common: strangeness, quality of life, expertise or urban innovations.

Most of our major competitors have it in common that they have turned an internal or external crisis into a success story.

For example, Tallinn became European overnight, swapping backwardness for inspiration and openness. Various parts of the city are now thriving anew and are known to tourists. Estonia has long been losing people to migration, but has finally managed to reverse this trend after improving its employment figures. Many Estonians are returning from abroad.

Another example is Vancouver, a low-lying coastal city which has been put at risk by climate change. It is investing strongly in profiling itself as a model city for sustainable development.

Finland is flagging – what’s its capital doing about it?

Text and Picture: Riikka Lahdensuo

Competitor city comparisons (PDF)

Summary (PDF)